I saw someone with a webpage with a 100 random thoughts and things about themselves. It was kind of cool so here are mine. (Note: It takes longer than it looks and I didn’t do it all in one sitting.)

1. I like it in La Jolla on warm days when a thousand people stop what they are doing to watch the sun go down. It’ll be noisy and then things suddenly quiet down and people just watch in awe.
2. I’d be happy to have “watched 1000 sunsets” on my tombstone and nothing else. Although, I think I am under 50 right now, so I have to do some catching up.
3. Sometimes I regret going to college right out high school. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today though and I like where I am.
4. I hate our education system, although some people (including me) can work it pretty well. Eventually, you realize that being able to work a system isn’t enough though.
5. I’m thinking of going back to school or taking a really long vacation. It’s hard to leave your friends and the life you made for yourself though. And it’s hard to go back to a school system you hate even if you think you can go back on your own terms now.
6. Death scares me. Some people have no fear. I’m not one of them. I love living and I love my life.
7. Some people have pets. I have plants. Someday, I may have both.
8. If my apartment were on fire, I’d take a cactus my friend Ryan gave me when we were like 12 and a blanket my mom knit for me. The rest of my stuff can go up in flames.
9. I can spell fairly well. From a logical perspective, I don’t really care if other people can’t spell as long as I understand the meaning. Still, I’ve been trained to complain when people misspell things. So I do.
10. Moving someplace new, you hope you’ll find someone worth sharing your life with. (I did.)
11. You never think about how hard it will be if and when that person leaves. (I didn’t.)
12. It scares me living far from my family and friends of old, because I realize that the total amount of time I get to spend with them for the rest of our lives is better measured with weeks instead of months.
13. I like the motto “Winter is Coming” from George R.R. Martin’s book “A Game Of Thrones”.
14. Occassionally, I miss being really, really cold. It’s kind of like when you are bleeding and it reminds you that you are alive.
15. For a long time, I thought that eventually I would go back to Northern California. Now I am not so sure.
16. I find it strange that people have a preference to what happens to their bodies when they die. To me I always figure I can just lie there for all I care. I figure it should up to the people that have to deal with my body as to what happens to it.
17. If I get buried, I do hope someone will plant a tree on my grave. I think something like a pine or fir or maybe even an oak tree.
18. I’m not a perfectionist.
19. I’m not religious, although I do believe in God.
20. I used to think I knew what I was attracted to in a person. Now I know that someone can walk into your life and blow your mind leaving you scrambling for who you are and who you want to be.
21. All we really get are instances with people. Some are longer than others. Some are worth more than others. Sometimes you just have to be glad for the instance and move on.
22. We use the word freedom a lot, but I don’t think we really know what it means.
23. People amaze me.
24. Sometimes I think I could be a good leader. It’s just there is no desire to lead.
25. I hate the feeling of having no control over my life.
26. My proudest engineering moment was putting together a hook and string to fish my keys out of my car window.
27. My plants get bugs in them in my apartment. It’s frustrating, but for the most part the bugs aren’t too annoying.
28. I love drawing, but I don’t draw well.
29. I have shaky hands.
30. I don’t know how I feel about a lot of issues, but I’ll argue about them anyways.
31. I am a pretty good poker player. I am getting better too.
32. I think it is funny because I got my tongue piercing to be like my friend. The normal conclusion is that people get piercings to be different. I got mine to be the same.
33. Originality is overrated.
34. I tend to think there is a lot about the world we still don’t understand. People come up with similar ideas at the exact same without ever speaking. I think we are more of a collective than we realize or understand.
35. A favorite quote from Empire Records: “Who knows where thoughts come from they just appear…”
36. I didn’t like turning 25. Turning 26 wasn’t bad at all though.
37. I like pie better than cake. If it’s my birthday, I want pie. My friends remembered on my 26th birthday. It meant a lot. Cake is too often made for the masses.
38. I like to refer to people as “the masses.” If you refer to people as “the masses”, I will probably like you and/or think you are pretentious.
39. I ate Macaroni and Cheese for a week once. Every meal, 3 times a day. Kraft should sponsor me and my friend who also did it. I almost had a lollipop and screwed things up. Luckily my friend stopped me.
40. I love the outdoors even though I don’t spend as much time outdoors as I used to. City living has somewhat spoiled me into going out and drinking and waking up late.
41. I am disturbed by the fact that I have to sit up at the grown up table nowadays when I go to events with my parents. You get get questions like: “How is the weather?” “How is your job?” “How do you like San Diego?” I go crazy.
42. There are some things that are too personal for a list like this one. This spot in the list represents all those things.
43. I prefer neutral smelling bathrooms. To me a bathroom should never smell good. There should be nothing in there that makes you want to inhale. A good smelling bathroom is nearly as bad if not worse than a bad smelling bathroom. Matches are a godsend though.
44. There is a certain beauty to obsession.
45. I wish I was more passionate in life. Sometimes I think I had it and lost it, and other times I think I never really had it.
46. I used to sing in the shower. I have two sisters. Tapes do exist. One was played at my high school graduation. Funny funny sisters. Someday vengeance will be mine.
47. I want to scream sometimes. There are few places you can really scream in a city. There are too many people.
48. My favorite color is green.
49. I think clothing manufacturers don’t make enough green clothing. I think it is because they market to white people who don’t look as good in the color green. A lot of the green clothing is lighter greens that make white people not look completely rediculous. That’s just my hypothesis though.
50. At Rubio’s I like to take the “Especial” sticker and stick it to my shirt.
51. I used to be vegetarian.
52. My friend’s dad used to have beehives. We used to walk by them everyday. I only have been stung by a honey bee once in my life. I’ve been stung by other bees and wasps though. Being stung pretty much sucks.
53. Brunettes.
54. I think the potato is like tofu. You can eat it alone and not enjoy it very much or you can flavor it or do some crazy voodoo cooking magic and it can be awesome. Some people eat plain baked potatoes. I think that is gross.
55. My favorite food is burritos. I love Mexican food in general.
56. I drink Jack & Cokes.
57. I like Pepsi better than Coke. I think Coke is too sweet. Some people claim the exact opposite though so I could be retarded.
58. I like it when there are beams of sunshine going through the clouds.
59. Sometimes I hate people that can’t count. Well, maybe not hate, but it’s damn annoying when you are trying to explain why you are right.
60. My friends kick ass.
61. I almost got in a head on collision. The other guy went through the light towards me. I swerved. He swerved. We both continued on our way. I didn’t freak out immediately though. I think I was shocked. I drove my friend home and then went home. Then I freaked out. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I think it might of been a sign.
62. I hate traffic. I’d rather drive 20 miles out of the way than sit in traffic.
63. Birthdays are a strange thing. I’d prefer my day of birth to be a day for me to reflect on my last year. Then you can go party the next day.
64. Honey is good food. It’s been a while since I have had honey. It’s one of those foods that I like, but only eat a couple times a year. I used to put it in herbal tea.
65. There was a time, I think I was more angry at life.
66. Last night was fun. Every day around here my life seems to be getting better.
67. People who read this may think I am scatter brained. Please don’t submit this to any psychologists. I don’t want to know if I am crazy.
68. Speaking of crazy, Van Gogh cut off his ear. If I go crazy, I sure hope I don’t cut off any extremeties. If I do, I hope it is an ear too, because there are much worse extremeties you can cut off. Plus, you figure a little plastic surgery might be able to fix an ear, but if you cut off a finger you are pretty much screwed.
69. As a matter of fact, I do like going swimming. Not so much in the ocean though.
70. I sometimes think I should get contacts.
71. My friend used to ask people if they would touch his eye. It disturbs people a lot to touch someone elses eye.
72. My etch a sketch is blank right now. I find it strangely sad.
73. When I meet other cool people that watch the O.C., I don’t feel so bad.
74. I miss watching Alias with my sister. It was good times.
75. Watching TV with other people is fun assuming you all like the show. It can be social so you don’t feel so bad.
76. I don’t like people who don’t like TV, but watch movies. There is nothing better about the two hour format and there is just as much crap.
77. I wish more TV would be shorter series. There is no shame in a 2 season quality show. There is shame in fizzling out.
78. I wish it were sunny right now. There was a week where it was like summer, even though it is winter.
79. I like being mean as long as people know I am joking.
80. There was a lady the news interviewed after the tsunami in Asia. She was talking about how the woman next to her was pleading with her to hold on to her. She didn’t because she was scared for her own life and when the next wave came the woman was gone. Life is complex. As much as I think she was wrong, part of me doesn’t know what I would I do in such a situation.
81. There seems like there have been a lot of disasters lately to remind mankind that we don’t have that much control. Civilization can we wiped out in an instant.
82. I think I ate too much for lunch. I feel like I am going to puke.
83. Sometimes I feel like my brilliance is astounding.
84. So many people are always in a rush while driving. I like to roll the windows down and turn the radio on and enjoy the sunshine.
85. Oh, and I like the radio. I am not a music snob who believes all mainstream music sucks. I do believe that women are under represented in the mainstream rock though. Thus a lot of the indie music I do listen to are women fronted bands.
86. I like it when bands look like they are having a good time. Except when it is sad music. Then it is okay not to smile.
87. Sometimes I feel like I am becoming a southern California bum. Lately, I drink and go get hookahs and go to the beach and get up late. I like it, but it messes with your sense of identity.
88. Messing with your identity can be a good thing.
89. I met a guy on the street that was a veteran. He needed a blanket because his had been stolen. I gave him an extra one that I had. It makes you think for a while, but then it is so easy to fall back into your life.
90. It would be an amazing thing to eliminate poverty in the United States. We could do it. It is not impossible, and our country is wealthy enough to do it.
91. How come living in a wealthy country our politicians have no vision? Has our country forgotten how to dream?
92. I’m thankful for the people I’ve known, met, lost, and those that are still with me.
93. This list sure feels morbid at times. I almost feel like I am writing a will.
94. It’s cool to see people who love what they are doing. You can know it instantaneously.
95. My head is beginning to hurt. I think I may be getting a headache.
96. I want to be famous for coming up with some rediculous law about people or culture or something.
97. I tend to think intelligence should be measured less about how much you know about a particular subject. The smart people that I look up to are those that can take two separate ideas and put them together in unique ways.
98. Rereading the preamble to the Declaration of Independence is worth it and I highly recommend it.
99. Honor is worth fighting for, but there is honor in not fighting as well.
100. I still swear that cereal should be classified as a soup.

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