We were planning to go to the beach this weekend. A nice mellow weekend. But now some friends are leaving for Vegas in 5 hours.

And I’m really fucking tired. Like the kind of tired where you go to sleep and don’t get up for 12 hours kind of tired.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Two crazy weekends in a row. This just seems like a bad idea. Damn you Vegas for being so close!

Anyways, I have a couple hours to decide. Argghhhh. I am going crazy.

Oh, I am listening to horses demo stuff. It’s one or maybe two of the guys who were in Carissa’s Wierd and a couple of other guys. Pretty good stuff. Obviously, I wish CW was still around, but “such is the life” as my Dad would say.

On a sidenote, if you like depressing emo/alt. country give The Hotel Alexis a listen. This is quite possibly my favorite stuff that I have listened to in the last year or so. You should listen to their CD streamed from their website.

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