I think my fingernails are growing faster. I used to cut them once every two and a half weeks or so. Now, it’s definitely more than that. I feel like I am rapidly aging. It’s kind of creepy.

I went to LA last night. My friend was in there. He travel writes and was on his way to Bangkok today. I guess he’ll see some of the tsunami hit areas like Phuket. Intense stuff. It was really good to see him though and definitely worth the drive. I am just tired a bit. I’ll probably still hang out with friends tonight, but it’ll be an early night.

Anyways, I think want to disappear this weekend. And by disappear, I mean sit in my apartment and be antisocial. I might go to Crush, but I don’t want to drive anywhere this weekend. Although, that may change if it is sunny. I could definitely do a beach day.

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