The breakfast burrito was good.

My friend convinced me to try the breakfast burrito from our work cafe. I was feeling brave, so I gave it go. Who knew that it would be a masterpiece of tortilla, cheese, egg, and mystery sausage?

Anyways, last night was nice. It’s been too many weeks since I’ve hung out with a couple of good friends (names withheld). We were going to get dinner at Mama Testas, but there was some event going on so it was packed. We ended up going to Ranchos instead. That meant we weren’t walking distance to the Exotic Bamboo Tea House. I was looking forward to going there, but it was late and going back seemed like a lot of effort. And there is always this weekend.

It looks like I am going out to again tonight though. A friend invited me to get ethiopian food which should be cool. I had it when I lived in D.C. and I’ve been meaning to try some of the restaurants around here for a while. Plus, hanging out with her is always fun.

Back to work for me. Peace.

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