Being seen in a different scene, the sense of my own identity changes. Not a purposeful reinvention, but a gradual evolution.

I refer in part to the RE:UP party, where they were releasing manual numero 6. It was at the AC Lounge which has become the normal Sunday spot. It’s strange to be a regular someplace that I wouldn’t have thought to be a regular.


The bartender there knows what I drink now. She’s known it for a while, but I guess I didn’t want to acknowledge it. It’s comforting in a way; but in others, it’s an ending and a new beginning. Perhaps even a betrayal.

The people are cool. They dance and the music beats. And they dance to whatever the DJs happen to be spinning. And I think I like the drum beats best. It’s a good time.

Halfway through the night I still find myself asking, “What am I doing here?” Then this morning, the Talking Heads song comes on the radio. “And you may ask yourself … how did I get here?”

No answers. Evolving. Another direction. The gorgeous girl with the unfinished compass tatooed on her arm. Another world. I hope it gives her some direction. I think sometimes that I need a compass. There is so much new that the old gets lost.

And at the same time it shows up again.

Ethiopian food was years past. It came back as good as ever.

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