I wish I could say that I had an instantaneous knowledge of the friendships that would be. I didn’t. You don’t always get a warning that incredible people are going to enter your life. The same way that you don’t always get a warning when incredible people leave your life. Both are mind blowing and life changing, but one tends to be a happy event while the other is sad.

That night all I saw was a strange girl pointing at me. Or perhaps in retrospect I thought her strange because she was pointing at me. Her friends were looking in my direction with odd expressions and I was looking back with my baffled look. What I didn’t know was that she was the singer in a band and her friend’s were the rest of that band. More importantly, what I didn’t know was that in the few seconds prior to her pointing at me she had pinched her drummer’s ass.

Such was my first meeting with the band known as the Reputation. Sometime later, they took the stage at the Casbah and proceeded to “bring the rock.”

“The Strange Girl” or Elizabeth as I now know her once said that on tour she likes meeting people that she would hang out with if she lived in the same city as them. The Reputation are that for me. In the years since we have become friends. Long distance friends, but friends nonetheless. They’ve come through town and we’ve hung out a bit and I’ve got to see them play.

And they are back again. This time at the Che Cafe on Wedneday, March 23rd.

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