The wind begins to blow.

The Reputation came and went. A couple of new songs. One shout out. And some more good times. It’s strange admitting that you miss people who in many ways you barely know. It’s as strange as admitting that you don’t miss people that you know best. Eventually, you are forced to understand things about yourself even if they aren’t conscious things.

The wave comes crashing down and the wind blows harder.

My mom came to visit. She was here from Thursday afternoon until Friday morning. A good time. A short visit. I wish I could’ve spent more time with her. She is one of those people that I wish I still measured time with in months and years instead of days and hours.

The clouds clear and the wind stops for a moment.

I found no dead bodies in the desert and I am forced to admit my life is not a movie. Signs of life abound. Caterpillars, beetles, flowers, cacti. Somehow I managed to not take any plants home.

The day is still calm. The wind is picking up, but I don’t see a new storm coming.

It is at lunch when a friend asks if I had anything big planned. I don’t. I was just going to live life in San Diego the next couple of weeks. Enjoy the calm. Water my plants. Drink some tea. Go to the hookah bar. And maybe hit the beach if it ever gets warm again.

I get back from lunch. My boss walks into my cube and he asks the question. “How do you feel about going to Japan?”

A new storm. And the rain is sweet from here.

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