The new storm batters trees from all sides. Bringing more than rain, it’s not the storm that I thought it was.

I didn’t expect that I’d be the first to leave. And I still don’t know if I will be. An opportunity has come up. Taking that opportunity is among the harder decisions I’ve ever made.

In a storm, some trees stand tall and others fall.

There are those times that I regret. And I still regret. It doesn’t mean that things would be better if I acted differently. And I wonder if having regret is such a bad thing.

The wind blows and the rain falls. The rain is no longer so sweet.

I’ve loved the times that I’ve had and the people I met in San Diego. I didn’t think that life would be this good. That things continually get better blows my mind.

Still you never know how much time you will have left. Do you hold on to what you have or take a chance and roll the dice? There are decisions to be made. There are dreams to live. And maybe some of those dreams aren’t meant to happen here.

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