Dreams long in hibernation are awake once more. The dreams wait for now, but the wait is almost over. And there are always other ways should the ice machine fail me now.

The week is stressful, but not without respite.

A night at Borders with friends. Friends that I feel that I have known forever. And I wonder at life before I met them.

And a night with a new friend. We go to Kava Lounge. A place I’ve never been before. And then back to the AC Lounge to live life as VIPs.

There is nothing in particular, but the feeling that I won’t come back to San Diego begins to fade away.

Then: viruses, germs, stress, and lack of sleep. I get sick.

“Sick of you.”

Not sick enough to lose my sense of humor. And not sick enough to lose what may be one of my last weekends here. I go to the beach. And a baseball game where the Padres win.

A new week begins and I wait once more.

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