So there is no easy way of saying this, but I was
robbed my first night here.  I went out to get water
from the corner store… stupid yes … but I had a
pretty bad headache after getting off the plane so I
wasn´t thinking that clearly.  Plus, during the
afternoon there were a lot of tourists out so I didn´t
realize how bad it gets at night.  Anyways, there were
6 guys and they got away with a some cash and my 2
backup credit cards which I hadn´t yet moved to my
pack.  Plus my chapstick … damn savages (my lips are
waaayy chapped… it´s sooo dry here)  I was lucky
they didn´t get to anything else, and am okay though a
little shaken.  There were no punches thrown.  They
just patted me down and went for my pockets.  I think
because it was dark they didn´t see the zippers on my
jacket pockets so they couldn´t get to my camera or
some of the other stuff I had stashed.  That could
have been really bad…

So I still have everything I need to continue without
much problem, so I suppose it is a lesson learned.
Also talking with people, it appears that plenty of
people do go out at nights even by themselves, though
I´ll probably avoid it.  I met a few cool people at
the hostal so there are plenty of people to go out
with.  We just drank at the hostal last night though.
Some had been robbed in other places so it and it was
strangely comforting.  Some kind of Robberies
Anonymous.  Plus, now that I have some what acclimated
myself, really all you need is about $20 bucks on you
since few places here in Quito seem to take credit
cards anyways.  So if it does somehow happen again….
Also, I will probably need to figure out how to get
my backup cards at some point.

Anyways, life goes on and I booked my Galapogos tour
for 8 days yesterday which I am pretty excited about.
And I will probably book a jungle tour when I get
back.  Also, outside the robbers the people I´ve met
seem nice enough, though I haven´t really met many
given I was taking care of the whole robbery issue.
Also booking the Galapogos trip took some time, though
I am glad I waited until I got here to book it.  And I
am going to an indian market tonight/tomorrow with
this guy from England which should be cool.

Oh and I did recover my wallet.  I had already
canceled the credit cards though so it was pretty much
worthless, except this girl´s email that I met on the
plane.  They ditched the wallet in the streets after
taking the cash, and I got it back yesterday.  This
sketchy guy brought it by the hostal, because I had my
hostal card in it.  He had a bandaid across the
nose… um yeah.  He also offered to beat up the guys
that did it.  Because he knows the Africans around the
corner and they frown upon this sort of thing.  Um…
No thanks.  It was probably more like the African guys
don´t want these (Ecuadorian???) guys that robbed me
stepping into their territory or at least if rumors
can be believed.  I could only recognize one of the
guys anyways…

Also, my storage unit was being charged to one my
credit cards so I will need to figure that out.  If I
can´t get them to take a new credit card number over
the phone, perhaps I will have mom send a check with
the lump sum for the next couple months.  I will let
you know.  Also, I do have some fairly cheap phone
access from this internet cafe that is close to where
I am staying.  I will probably call (parents) after I
get back from the Galapogos.

So I will be out of contact for probably the next 10
days… I hope you will not worry too much.  Things
are okay, and I am actually having fun despite the
robbery.  I´ll try and take some pictures and get some
posted once I get out of the city.

Also, I don´t know if my parents have the link to my
blog where this will end up eventually so…


Plus, I was planning on just blogging, but the
circumstance here called for an email so….


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