The Galapogos are fun though I am a bit sea sick.  We´ve seen white tipped sharks and iguanas and rays and sea lions and blue footed boobies and masked boobies.  (“Booby” … Yeah, it never stops being funny…) There is so much wildlife it is amazing.  We are suppose to see some killer whales today.  I don´t know about jumping in the water though. Anyways, We stopped to pick up a few new passengers so I had a bit bit of time… I´m on the boat with 8 other young people so it is pretty fun.  There are a couple australians, an isreali, a french guy and a couple of italians.  Though a couple people left today, so we should have some new blood.  We drink beers at night when the boat is not rocking too heavily.  Otherwise I pass out in my room.

Eh…. It looks like it is time to split so I´ll post more later…

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