Well, we left sooner than I expected for Baños so there is still little time to write (or at least not in the way that I would prefer).  And life is good.  Indescribably good.  Marie and I met two English guys Mike and Mark when we got off the bus.  We ended up all staying at the same hostal and kicked the night off with a bottle of vodka.  It was a fun night.  Mike and Mark were doing a 60 km bike ride to this town called Puyo in the morning so we joined them.  It was mostly downhill so it wasn^t that difficult and there were tons of waterfalls and a lot to see on the way.  We met another girl named Megan from San Francisco who went rafting with us today.  Then we went to hot springs this evening and are off to dinner soon.  Tomorrow, we are going climbing.  It is supposed to be 6 waterfalls so it should be more excitement.  Then it is a another goodbye.  Another moment.  And I head to Argentina….

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