The email from when this all began.


Sat, 1 Oct 2005 03:34:21

Hey ya’ll,

So it took longer than expected but I made my plane
tickets and will be leaving for a while late Tuesday
night. The itinerary is as follows:

S.F. -> Quito, Ecuador – Oct 5.
Quito -> Buenos Aires, Argentina – Oct 29.
B.A. -> Santiago, Chile – November 15th
Santiago -> S.F. – Dec 5th
S.F. -> Bangkok, Thailand – Dec 7th
Bangkok -> Bombay, India – Jan. 15th
Delhi, India -> S.F – March 8th.

Things had been kind of tentative, but they cemented
down in the last couple of weeks. I know some people
had interest in meeting up in some places. So keep in
touch via email if you still want to (****, *******).
I don’t know how much email access I’ll have, but
perhaps if the fates are kind… (Oh and in India I’m
meeting up with my parents so meeting up with others
there may be tough.)

Anyways, in a lot of ways I don’t know what I will be
seeing or what I’m doing. Mostly, I just just plan on
enjoying the freedom and seeing some new places. And
I shall do my utmost not to get kidnapped by drug
dealers in South America, not to sleep with any lady
boys in Thailand and not to get married in India.
Though those stories may have been more interesting…

And sorry I didn’t see or call a lot of you much in
the last couple months. I kind of went into
isolationist mode. Sometimes it was just easier than
explaining that I don’t really know what I am doing.
But I really do miss people….

Also, the time I had back in Northern California
answered a lot of questions so I can’t say that it was
wasted. And when I get back to San Diego, there are a
couple of you I hope I won’t see. At least not until
I make it to Florida. Which is to say that I wish
everyone the best…

Lastly I’ll try and write a few blogs and maybe send
out a few mass emails and a few postcards too. So
send me addresses. The blogs are at the following
site though you may learn more about me than want to
know. To read some of the old stuff you may have to
become a member (free).

So see ya’ll when I get back. Oh and I may not be
extremely contactable in the next couple of days. I’m
busy taking care of things before leaving. But feel
free to call/email anyways, because I’ll try and make

And if I missed anyone feel free to forward this on
and let me know.

-Jagjeet Khalsa aka. The Severed One

p.s. It was good to see some of you in San Diego and
Las Vegas two weeks ago. And ******** and ******,
thanks for the rockin’ cool t-shirt.

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