Two days before I left India, I was lying in a bed freezing cold. My fingers were numb, but I could tell it was warm outside. I was vowing to myself that I wasn’t going to die in India. As if somehow I really had any control.

I don’t really know that I was particularly close to death. I ended up getting some antibiotics and being fine. But all I really wanted was to see friends and family again. And so that’s mostly what I’ve been doing since I got back.

It started with my dad and stepmom and then some friends who live around Vacaville. And then a short return to San Diego. I didn’t have to time to call and see everyone, but there’ll be time when I move back . And though it wasn’t meant as a test, going to San Diego was reaffirming. After traveling, there were a lot of doubts about returning. And there are still a lot of doubts, but I feel that I am making the right decision.

Before I return though, there are still a few plans and things I want to do. A trip to Washington DC and New York to see my sisters and friends. And I might try to get to Boca Raton, Florida as well. Because someone could probably use a congratulatory beer. And there are some other things that aren’t ready to be shared yet. Oh and hiding away a little longer. Because it is what I do.

Oh and I’m listening to Nedelle live @ the mercury lounge. A girl I went to elementary school and high school with. Pretty good stuff downloaded legally from here. I’m going to try to catch her in S.F. on Wednesday…. Should be good times.

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