Reminders of a fortune cookie from long ago. And it is rather unexpected. But sometimes fortunes just need time. Though I was afraid to give it that. Because last time I messed up. Because last time I let myself run out of time. And mostly because the person that received that fortune is slowly fading away.

But still I am not sure that I am prepared to throw that fortune away. Though people throw away their fortunes all the time. Just go to any chinese restaurant. And watch the people. Because they all do it. One by one. They leave their fortunes behind. Their destinies gone. Lucky numbers be damned. And meanwhile I find myself suspecting that somewhere there is this man poking through the dumpsters who is the most fortuitous man on earth.

But I could be one of those people. And let the man have his fortunes. I could roll that small piece of paper up and flick it into some leftover sweet and sour sauce. And I’d do it laughing and smiling. Watch it slowly sink. Watch it turn some sticky red.

In some unescapable need to “choose [my] own adventure.”

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