A broken brown-bagged bottle
Drunk on some sunny day
Until he passed out.
The cops came down.
But he always split.
He never shared his drug with me.
Though I didn’t care
Because I have a blanket
And because I have my own drink now.
So cheers to the worms
Crawling across his face
Because I finally get my park bench back.

Dreams of Advanced Vagrancy: Part 1
“I saw a girl faint today.”

Her eyes were still open when she fell over. And I expected her to start shaking because I thought she was having a seizure. But she never started shaking. Because TV made me a poor doctor.

The time went slowly by and it felt like a lifetime had passed. And for a brief moment I thought a lifetime had. But then she was standing up (much too quickly) and her friend was helping her to a chair. The room filled with doctors and nurses and unknown devices and a wheel chair.

And I can remember the look on her face when I knew she wasn’t dead. The look that asked, “How did I get here?”

Because it is different perspective when you are on the ground and looking up.

Dreams of Advanced Vagrancy: Part 2
“That’s when things usually get better.”

She chooses the homeless life too and her words are strangely comforting. And maybe that was why I was always so attracted to her. Because she was the kind of girl that I could have asked to come with me. And some nights are too short. Though it doesn’t matter because she lives far away. And it’s only through circumstance that I see her. But I’ll take the moment and have no regrets.

Dreams of Advanced Vagrancy: Part 3
“You came back different.”

The words bring back the memory of being cold again. Though a lot of words seem to bring up that memory these days. The only memory that I wish I could excise. Because it’s a reminder. Because the next time the fates might not be so kind. Because eventually there will be a next time.

Dreams of Advanced Vagrancy: Part 4
“I said it would be good for you. I didn’t say it would taste good.”

Kombucha tea. I can’t describe the flavor, but only that it’s different. Like the people and place that I returned to. Too different at times.

But differences bring me new understanding. Because the differences are what makes it easier to return.

Dreams of Advanced Vagrancy: Epilogue
Fast forward one year from now. Because in a year the people will wonder how he found a home. And some will say that it was just an ad that he answered. But few will ever know of the bargain struck. Though not the kind that would destroy his soul.

Only a bargain to trade a mustache for a home. Because I still plan to be here.

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