“You’re in my fucking courtyard wearing a headlamp at fucking midnight.”

Okay.  So that was how the night ended.

The beginning was actually much more interesting.  Movie.  Beer.  Barbecue.  Beer.  A friend back in town and the Tilted Stick with more beer and an uncannily skinny golden retriever.  A dog that you might call “heroin chic” or maybe “the supermodel of dogs”.  (And on a previous night you did.)

“Ummmm…  So if your dog Jack were stuck on a roof , would you ummm….”

But the ending is lost.  I’m laughing.  I can never get to the ending.  It’s so stupid.  But it never gets old.

“What is that from?” my friend asks.

“High school,” I mumble.  Then reformulating.  “Ummm…  Junior high maybe?”

And then we’re heading back to Tiny’s.

The end of the night comes and I get on my bike to go home.   But I find myself riding through another film crew.  They have been scattered about the neighborhood lately and they are filming a show called The Ex List featuring a certain long faced fellow and no one else I have ever heard of.

Anyways, the street is closed off and the people of the People’s Republic of Ocean Beach are less than happy.  One of the residents is having some words with the crew,

“You’re in my fucking courtyard wearing a headlamp at fucking midnight.”

Good times.

Apparently, they are filming until November.  I will do my best to get on TV.

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