Holloween came and went.  All my life it has been my favorite holiday.  But this year, my favorite holiday is called “Unemployed.” Because it pretty much kicks Holloween´s ass…I made it to Buenos Aires.  And I fell right in.  A friend warned me of places I may not want to leave.  This is such a place.  Asado and vino and beautiful women and fashion and art and dancing on the streets and so much more.  Someday, I will post a long version much like my Japan trip.  It is hard when you never wake before noon because you drank until 5 or 6 in the morning.  I wander the streets and play football with the Argentinians and others at my hostal.  My first night Fernando of Mexico payed a kid to curse at me in español.  Err… castellaño.  (Sorry mom, but he may have said some bad things about you too.) And I am told that “In Argentina, you are never alone…”  And it is the truth.

Oh and Bush made it here too.  Though I doubt he played any football.  And I doubt anyone had to pay a kid to curse at him.  “Fuera Bush de Argentina.”  “Fuera Bush del Mundo.”  Peaceful protesting and not so peaceful protesting.  So much because a man visits this country.  Though it is somewhat comforting to see that most of the posters and fliers are specific to Bush and not the US.  Though, they are not separate.

I leave for a time.  Iguazu Falls.  But then I am back in Buenos Aires.  Sasha had said in her Melbourne accent, “You gotta go.”  And she was right.  The most incredible thing in nature that I have seen.

Thanks everyone who has emailed or commented, though I know I haven´t responded.  It is so good to hear from people even if I don´t get a chance to respond.

Also, I am most likely cancelling my flight to Chile and am not sure when I will get there.  It doesn´t make sense to fly.  There are things I want to see on the way that will eventually get me to Chile anyways.  First another weekend in Buenos Aires.  And then perhaps Bariloche.  And then north or south…

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